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Whose Reality You Talkin’ Bout?

If you haven’t read the piece from yesterday’s Post on information silos and the subjectivization of fact in a fragmenting media environment—absolutely, do so.  It builds on fascinating work by people like Farhad Majoo, and his book True Enough, which is a great and essential read about the emerging character of our “post-fact society.” Read more »


Grand Strategy, EU-Flavored

A fascinating site just discovered:  For those interested in strategy, especially of a European variety … a web site devoted to generating an EU grand strategic vision.

They have an original manifesto that is a self-proclaimed analogue to Kennan’s Long Telegram, and some very nicely produced short essays on grand strategic themes.  There’s a blog with some fine insights on Europe’s place in a fluid global environment.

Well worth a look.


Persian Face-Off

Here’s a question:  What reason—what rigorous, analytical reason—do we have to believe that Iran’s leaders will respond to these intense new sanctions by backing down and conceding rather than by escalating? Read more »